About Us

Our Disclaimer

Our number one priority is our clients. Please take the time to read our disclaimer. We want to work hard for you. However, before you become a client we want to make sure you understand our company and services fully.
Pacific Shores Advisory specializes in federal student loan document preparation and processing services to help each borrower identify and gain approval for one or multiple government debt relief programs. Once your financial analysis is complete our agents will help you find a repayment solution that works best for you and fits your specific financial situation and goals.

We are not a government agency, the Department of Education, or your loan servicer.
We do not make loan payments on your behalf and loans remain in your name.
Do it yourself without a fee – all programs are freely available for enrollment through the Department of Education.
We only receive payment for our work after your loan forms are prepared, submitted, and you make your first payment on the new program.